Comprehensive application for business trips

About Mindento

Co-founders, Łukasz and Jarek, together have many years of experience in financial management and contacted us with a clear business idea.

They noticed the recurring problem of medium and large companies sending their employees on business trips, and having to organize logistics, documentation, criteria as well as manage the budget for it all.

Łukasz and Jarek sought a partner to create an application that would solve these problems and take over the role of CTO of a newly established technology company.

The Challenge

The co-founders of Mindento knew precisely the needs of their potential clients but lacked the technological support. They needed support in:

  • Product development strategy
  • System architecture
  • Project management
  • Deployment
  • Maintenance of the system in corporations

The overall goal was to save time and money through digital transformation and process automation, as well as design and develop a useful tool that integrates external platforms and systems.

Dashboard view

The Solution

Our client received a comprehensive web solution with mobile extension, covering the entire spectrum of financing, control and operations related to business travel.

In the initial stage of work on the project, workshops were conducted to develop an idea of the MVP and a pilot to be implemented with initial clients. For the platform to address the client's business goals in the best possible way, we conducted extensive research into the challenges and problems of the target group.

Apart from consultations with the founders of Mindento, we also looked at the typical scenarios of frequently travelling corporate employees and the work of accounting departments that settled these trips. We even reached out to the author of the book "A guide to Business Trips (“Przewodnik: Podróże Służbowe”), Maciej Werynski, for expert insights.

To create a tool that would meet the needs of users while still being functional and easy to use, we conducted a User Experience Audit and prepared mock-ups of the tool.

How we worked

We wanted Łukasz and Jarek to have full control over 
the progress of work to test the product on the current market. We ran the project according to Agile methodology, which consisted in delivering new product functionalities in sprints, allowing for regular feedback rounds in short intervals.

Mindento also received support beyond project-related activities. We helped transform the business into 
a technology company by supporting recruitment or team building after taking over the product.


Mindento was delivered a comprehensive SaaS solution without having to recruit and hire a dedicated technical team.

The application saves companies time and money by automating time-consuming business travel processes. Digital transformation is a common trend in the market, which Mindento was well aware of, and we were pleased 
to create a tool that made this transformation possible.

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