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Olive Grove Foundation is a UK-based charity established to help people affected by poverty, wars and natural disasters.

Its founder, Muhammad Bhaiyat, approached us following a successful collaboration on the “I Love Al-Aqsa” project, which raised funds to help save one of the greatest mosques in the world. When he described his plan, we knew we had to be part of it.

Fundraising should be easy

Olive Grove Foundation needed a digital operations hub - a crowdfunding platform to raise funds for noble causes chosen by the foundation.

The intention was to create an easily navigable environment that would encourage donors to get involved in a cause.

As the foundation itself would set up each campaign, the platform also needed to be also easy to administer and maintain.

Campaign administration, easy as 1-2-3

Setting up a campaign in a CMS is just a means to a greater goal - to allow those in need to raise funds effectively. That’s why we focused our efforts on building a solution with an easy to navigate CMS admin panel, where multiple campaigns can be set up and coordinated effortlessly.

From the donor's perspective, we made the site responsive, easy to navigate, and visually attractive, with a strategic selection of photos and colours. The final effect enhances donor engagement and maximises donations.

Smart process, quality results

The project was developed efficiently and by the book. We quickly agreed with Muhammad that the solution should be both functional and engaging.

First, we scheduled a set of sessions with our business consultant to ascertain client needs. Next, our UX design team breezed through wireframing and prepared clickable prototypes, allowing our client to make informed decisions about his new website. After the prototypes were accepted, we prepared three versions of visuals for the client to choose from.

The final design is based on inspiring, high-quality photos that represent how donors’ involvement will benefit people in need. The navigation is clear, thanks to well thought out information architecture and a vibrant colour palette.

WordPress was our CMS of choice due to its universality and flexibility, guaranteeing stability for years to come. A Stripe platform‎ integration was also introduced to provide a wide range of payment methods. Throughout development and testing of the site, extra attention was paid to ease of use for admins.

Counting to a million!

After a successful launch, the solution was quickly adopted, and the client started fundraising.

To date, donations have totalled almost £1 million, helping 325,000 people all over the world!

We’re proud to have contributed our expertise to support such a noble project. Now, together with our client, we are counting to a million!

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