Build visibility with paid advertising

Raise visibility, boost traffic and increase your revenue with paid advertising.

  • Focus on ROI: track conversions to measure effectiveness
  • A Google Ads or Facebook campaign with proven ROI will earn you many steady revenues.
  • Advertise directly to your audience, based on retargeting, defined search queries and custom audiences.

Google Partner

Frontkom is a certified Google Partner on both Google Ads and Analytics. We keep up to date on new features, tips and tricks that will benefit your campaigns.

Social media and Google

Google started a marketing revolution with Google Ads, and 15 years later they’re still at the top, while Facebook Ads now overlaps with part of the advertising market.

Both players offer marketers an extreme level of detail, revealing which of your ads have the best clickthrough rate (CTR) and which were displayed most over a week, as well as which keywords cost the most, and much more.

Creating great Google Ads campaigns requires industry insight (which you have), and knowledge of the tool and strategies that work (which we have).

  • A good ad campaign will bring you traffic, but it's a waste of money if your website doesn't convert traffic to customers.
  • To get high quality scores on your ads, the content of your website must be in line with the ads. The campaign page has to match up with what’s promised.
  • Our campaign site builder (used by Aller Media, among others) empowers you to build campaigns that convert.
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Here's how we can help you with advertising

Be built around your customers and leads, to help them access relevant content (CRM)

Google Partners

As a certified Google Partner, we know AdWords and Analytics inside out, and are always up to date on the latest features and methods that sell.

See the whole

Our experience with all aspects of a website allows us to see the entire conversion process in context, not just from an advertising perspective.

20 years in the industry

Creating ads requires some technical insight, 
but the most important aspect is a salesperson’s mind. Over the years, we’ve learned a thing or two about developing copy that converts to sales.

Want to get higher on Google? Contact us and see how to make paid ads work for you!Henrik Akselsen, Business Developer

This is how we work

Contact us now, and we will tailor a custom solution to your needs, and ensure your investment is productive and profitable.


We get together to define opportunities, strategy and goals. The workshop covers topics such as customer segments, CPI, sales funnels and competitor mapping.


Your account is set up, including campaigns and ad groups. Then we produce ads with the latest tried and tested sales techniques.


Google Ads is not "set-and-forget". It’s essential to follow-up and optimise each campaign. 90% of all AdWords campaigns are not even optimised monthly!

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