Branding and Visual Communication

Having a unique brand identity is vital to engage and captivate your customers

Regardless of whether you are a startup looking for a fresh brand strategy or an established business wanting to rebrand, your visual communication must make a lasting impact.

Grab the attention!

The average client makes a decision whether to engage with your product within the first 20 second of contact.

During this short window of opportunity, before users read the first word of your message, they’ve already seen your logo, colors and the layout of your website or app.

GoodLoot rebranding allowed the brand to venture into the world of fashion and streetwear. See case study

It’s not art, it’s science

Your branding and visual communication is too important to be left to chance, which is why our branding process is conducted by an interdisciplinary team - professional designers, business consultants and analysts.

To make your brand effective, we reference the latest trends as well as core principles of visual design that have not changed for centuries.

IBIY allows sportspeople to archive their dreams. Branding that catches eyes and hearts. See case study

Let your brand speak for you

Visual communication interweaves each part of your business - from a business card, through packaging and website, to the footer of an email. Whenever your clients see your brand, they must know - I've come to the right place.

Logo design

The perfect logo is the crown jewel of your visual strategy - it must grab attention and make an impact. This is your brand's first impression, what differentiates you from the crowd, and what stays in the mind of your client.


Choosing the best name for a brand or product is an essential part of the branding process. One word is key to the whole brands’ universe and must truly reflect its spirit… Let us help you choose wisely!

Channel Communication

From outdoor to social media, every channel of your brand communication requires a different approach. Together they must create a functional ecosystem, ready to deliver great user experiences.

Graphic Design and Packaging

Simple business card can delight your client and make or break your deal. Make sure your brands’ design is strong everywhere it appears.

Bring meaning to your brand

The time of price dictating customer decisions ended a long time ago.

Your client's search for a brand is built upon the core principles and values they can relate to and trust.

Brands aspiring to achieve this level of admiration must be built not only upon a great branding strategy, but also upon the visuals that support and communicate their brand vision.
Consequently, all elements of your communication must compliment each other and build a systematic brand ecosystem.

It is essential to make branding adequate to brands’ nature.Karolina Pawlina, Graphic Designer

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