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Modernise and scale

Leveraging mobile technology in your customer service is a step-change for your business. Mobile applications are a way to reach new audiences and gain an advantage against your competition.

Why should you invest in mobile applications?

Expand your audience and gain exposure

Mobile solutions allow you to reach target groups not available any other way. Be ahead of your competition and meet your customers exactly where and when they need you.

Engage users and build customer loyalty

Better user experience equals client satisfaction and loyalty. Utilise the potential of returning customers and earn true ambassadors of your brand.

Optimise your processes and effectiveness

Make your employees work smarter. Introducing mobile device solutions in your company will help your team communicate, collaborate, make better decisions to strive for excellence.

Set metrics of success, analyse them and expand

Optimise, increase performance and add features, based on data insights. We help you get the most out of your solution long after it’s launch.  

Mobile app that helps shoppers support charity in over 1000 e-stores

Each time you buy through FaniMani, per cent of the price goes to the charity of your choice. Originally based on a desktop plugin, our client looked for a way to expand.

Thanks to accessibility on mobile devices, FaniMani reached for new groups of recipients. Today FaniMani is a go-to app to shop and support charity at the same time in Poland.

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The students and staff at Haugetun High School have never been so organized

Haugetun High School in Norway wanted to help faculty and students organise their academic life on campus.

Working together, we build a PWA mobile app that enables swift communication to ensure everyone is well-informed, in place, on time. Now Haugetun students spend a more effective and pleasant time in their school.

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More companies we have had the pleasure to work with

Take your e-commerce
to the next level

Turn your webshop into an eCommerce mobile app. Build experiences that engage users to make them not only buy products but come back for more.
Use analytics to understand shopping trends. Use dedicated communication and push notification to tell users when you have items on sale, new products, shipping dispatched and more.

Different payment methods, real-time stock updates, advanced search options and social media connections will turn up your shopping experience to eleven.

What we do

iOS development

Expert iOS app development services will allow you to reach unique customer groups on iPhones, iPads and Apple watch devices

Android development

Develop a custom android app to engage your customers like never before. We help to grow and scale business through mobile in B2B, B2C and B2E markets.

Cross-platform Mobile App Development

Cross-platform apps allow for enhanced speed and availability of your application. You can reach and satisfy your users needs better than ever and outshine your competitors. 

Progressive Web Apps

Turn your new or existing website into an application, to give users instant access to your services. Add push notifications and offline capabilities to give your client continuous access to the app and maximise their ease of use.

We are ready for your industry


You want to achieve product-market fit efficiently, measure it meaningfully and then scale accordingly.
Our process ensures you will get your product on the market quickly. We use design sprint workshops to develop smart MVP builds of your mobile solution and test them on real users.

Established Business

Market leaders leverage digital transformation as an advantage over the competition by building better experiences for their customers.
Mobile solutions improve the productivity of your organisation. It's a way to give your team mobility and flexibility they need to shine and create results.

NGOs and Governmental

Mobile apps will engage your beneficiaries and partners, help generate donations and reach new audiences.

Internally it’s an ideal choice to optimise your staff and volunteers' communication and effectiveness.

Ready to go bigger

Integration and deployment

We connect mobile apps with a backend API or Enterprise resource planning systems. These can work within an existing technology or even be deployed to a new/live platform.

Experience has led us to build mobile apps for education, healthcare, fitness, commerce, non-profit organisations, and more.

Maintenance and growth

We go beyond just maintenance to help you identify opportunities and optimise your application. Together we develop a long-term digital strategy for your app, to implement new features and services to fulfil your business ambitions and your users’ expectations.

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