Website is the
heart of the customer's journey

Your website is your most important channel of communication and sales - enabling you to innovate, create new business models and make your processes more efficient.

Create experiences that matter

The stories you tell create the experiences that your customers resonate with.

Great content strategy and website design is the key to make your website a high quality cornerstone of your marketing strategy.

Your website is the center point of your customers' journey, it must make an impact and engage the consumer.

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Drive growth

Creating high quality customer experiences is one of the keys to success, no matter which business you are in.

We help you optimize digital touch-points by building a targeted website aligned with your business goals that is the hub of your digital ecosystem.


Great user experiences create loyalty - and returning shoppers returning to an online store spend up to seven times more than first-timers.

Your ecommerce website needs to attract consumers and make their journey for the right product an exceptional and enjoyable experience.

API Integrations

Connectivity is a must when building more complex solutions, which is why we build digital ecosystems with Custom API development.

API (Application Programming Interface) breaks barriers between systems and let’s you innovate and grow faster.

Content and UX Audits

Be proud of your existing website like on launch day.

Unintuitive UI and old CMS can be reimagined and improved, with a website audit being the perfect way to start the refreshment process.

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There is a right technology for every purpose

Our team of experienced developers and business consultants will help you choose the tech that will support the needs of your business and the goals of your website.


Flexible publishing platform


Most popular content
management system


The PHP Framework for Web


A popular ecommerce suite for WordPress

Trust the tried process for best results

While we have our ideal methodology for website development, we realise every project is different, and are ready to tailor the process according to your specific business requirements.

Business research

To make your digital transformation work we need to start with the “Why?”Through workshops, or just good old discussions, our business consultants can analyze your business strategy, and develop your new website as a core component of it.

Content Strategy

Your clients visit your website for a purpose, we help you identify this, and then work with you to create the right content to ensure it is relevant to them, and delivers their requirements.

UX Design

User friendly design is a staple of bespoke web design, and Smart UX and UI design must be aligned with your customers' journey. Our design team starts with wireframes to quickly evaluate and build information architecture and user interface. As a result, you will quickly get your first look at the new website structure.

Product design & development

The design thinking approach combined with the agile SCRUM process allows you to not only regularly monitor the process, but also provides transparency to understand how we work, and allows you to participate in the web development process.Your dedicated project team will implement the graphic design using the CMS best suited for the job.

Prototyping and testing

Quality assurance engineers make sure that your website is polished and ready to go.


Our hosting services include automatic 24/7 monitoring, security updates and backup management, ensuring your new website always delivers maximum business value.


To make your website delivery maximum value, it needs to stay relevant and well-maintained.There are plenty of ways to do that - search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), email marketing, social media and many more.

Frontkom is a team of experienced people with a passion for action.Łukasz Wójcik, Marketing & PR Director, MMC Car Poland

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