Technologies We Use


Drupal is a leading open source platform for ambitious digital experiences.


Laravel is a web application framework in PHP. Some of our biggest projects are built in Laravel.


Wordpress is the world largest CMS. We provide professional development and secure hosting.


The most popular eCommerce platform for building your online business.


Node.js is designed to build scalable network applications. We use Node for critical business web applications.

Mobile Apps

We make native apps for iOS and Android and help you get a successful market launch.


Frontkom has built innovative solutions using distributed ledgers. Blockchain is here to stay.

React & Vue

Modern JavaScript is our specialty. Almost all of our projects have React in the mix.

Laravel is a solid tech choice – for startups and corporate innovation.
Tom Sieroń, CEO of Frontkom Poland

Created by Frontkom

Drupal Gutenberg

Gutenberg makes content creation in Drupal easy. Combine visual elements with structured data today!

Edu Distro

Our CMS Distro for higher education helps us serve universities and colleges with a great digital solution.


Innovative PR product that easily turns positive press mentions into sales and marketing tool.

WP Zen Garden

WP Zen Garden is a security, support, and maintenance solution for WordPress.

Frontkom’s mission for Drupal is to make the most user friendly user interface in the world.
Per André Rønsen, CTO

Solutions That Make You Work Smarter

Automated Testing

We strive to use the best tools to make sure your code is both secure and functioning.


Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery gives our developers full control of release and near zero down-time during updates.

Cutting edge frontends and rock solid backends – no digital compromises.
Thor André Gretland, Project Leader

Scalable Hosting

Hacker protected cloud environments optimized for performance and security.

Visual Cloud

Frontkom has built a cloud environment for your visual elements. Use your designs across multiple platforms!

Automatic Updates

We use specialized tools to auto update security releases and make sure you are not hacked.

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